At Stanford Swim School our goal is to provide a quality water awareness and educational learn-to-swim program for children in an encouraging, stimulating and fun environment. Our facilities are second to none and our team of qualified and experienced instructors maintain professionalism whilst ensuring your child has fun while learning.

The Everton Hills (McDowall) centre located at NorthWest Plaza Shopping Centre is a state of the art with a 20 metre by 12 metre learn-to-swim pool that is 1.2 metres deep. Ledges have been built into this pool to ensure children as young as 15 months of age can walk around safely in the pool enabling them to learn new skills like balance, co-ordination and independence throughout their lesson rather than sitting on the side of the pool.

The pool is heated to 32 degrees celsius all year round and is fully enclosed so that your child stays warm all year round.

Keeping your child warm during their classes shouldn’t mean that you the parent has to sit in a small hot pool area. This facility has been designed to be parent friendly also with a seperated air conditioned viewing area which allows you to sit within 1 metre of your child whilst they participate in their swimming lesson.

Heated change rooms within the pool area to ensure you and your child stay warm until you are dry and ready to go home. The conveniently located male, female and disabled change rooms are clean and provide hot showers, toilets, baby change tables and plenty of space to get changed.

There is also an extensive range of swim gear at the swim shop that can be professionally fitted by trained team members and refreshments are available at the kiosk.




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